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The New Quantum Life Web Site

Welcome to my new web site. It is new because the old one was hacked and destroyed. It is a work in progress because I assumed (with no supporting evidence) that the site was backed up by the host, which it was not. So I am rebuilding. The new hosting platform includes backup ( we can learn from experience).

I will add content back in over the coming days. I’ll start with some posts and go from there.


The Supposed To Problem

In a previous post I considered the difference between “being” and “doing”. I concluded that “being” in a way that is healing and constructive is really doing something quite different from what most of us do when we are “just being”. I confess to having a bias toward doing, specifically, doing to make things better, more specifically, to make me better because I always need fixing.

So the question of, “What should I do?”, is very important to me. The quick answer is that I should do what I’m supposed to do and I should not do what I’m not supposed to do. That way I won’t offend anyone. “Supposed to” is another very important phrase because my question is really, “What am I supposed to do?”.

Once in a while I realize that I don’t really know the meaning of a word that I use regularly. When that happens I pull out my dictionary (one of those book things with paper pages) and look up the word. That happened with “supposed to”. The phrase always carried some sense of obligation for me. My dictionary had entries for suppose and supposed. Suppose had several meanings. The first two were, “to assume to be true”, and “to believe, think or guess”. The definition for supposed included, “regarded as true, genuine, etc. without actual knowledge”.

The “without actual knowledge” part was enlightening. Indeed, many of the things I have done because I thought I was “supposed to” did not rest on any actual knowledge. My source of the obligation came from assuming that there was some outside authority figure who was issuing these supposed to cards. I never checked to see if there really was such a figure.

Even without any actual knowledge, I usually feel like I’m supposed to make me better because something obviously (isn’t it obvious?) needs to be better. If I’m not doing something to make me better (or fix me), I’m falling down on the job.

I began this essay thinking about deciding “what to do”. But now I realize that a more important issue is to understand just who this imaginary authority figure is who writes all those “supposed to” cards that I like to carry around. This figure is quite real in my learned realities, but I will never bump into him walking around in the material world. His “supposed to’s” are often negative and isolating so I assume he is the product of fear-based learning experiences. If his supposed to’s are fear-based, then it is OK if I ignore or replace him.

There it is! That’s what I’m supposed to fix. (Have I come back to where I started?)

This issues of “supposed to’s” and imaginary authority figures are not unique to my personal neuroses. Authority and supposed to’s are very big in many religions. After all, God is the ultimate source of supposed to cards. Dealing with “supposed to’s” from fear-based authority figures is a serious and widespread problem. It came as a surprise to me when I connected this authority figure issue with my holographic quantum field consciousness model. I realized (just two days ago) that there is no authority figure in the quantum intelligence. The field is hologram of resonating vibration patterns. Everything is connected to everything else. Everything influences everything else. The influence the field can exert in the material world is subtle, at the quantum level. And “the field” is what people have always called God. There is no authority figure in the field, or in God, that is anything like the figure that lurks in my inner landscape and seems to be ensconced in many churches. Those figures are all figments of our fear-based imaginations.

There is a flow in the field. The consciousness of the field is working hard to express ever more elegant things in the material world and we can choose to participate in the flow if we want, or not. But there is no authority issuing “supposed to” cards anywhere in the universe.

What an amazing idea.


Being Versus Doing

It is very conventional spiritual advice to suggest that being where and how you are right now is better than doing. You have everything you need now. The idea seems to be that being is good and doing, while it’s okay sometimes, is not the appropriate path to getting what you really want. I’ve always had a bit of a problem with this time-tested and honorable advice.

“Being” really means having your attention in the present with awareness and acceptance of all that is. To me it always sounded like a recipe for maintaining the status quo. In the interest of full disclosure I should say that I am a long time doer and even a fixer. My reaction to the advice to “just be” is like that of the character in the Joseph Heller novel, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”. It seems to me that if you’re not “just being” now, then you have to do something different to be that new way.

It gets a little more serious if your current state of being is not serving you. If you are not feeling very good just now then you might reasonably want to be some other way that feels better. Our current state of being, whatever it is, is the result of all of our doing up to now. If we want to be some other way then we have to do something different from what we’ve done up to now. This is a widely understood truths.

We are frequently, one might say continuously, invited to be different than we are now. Advertisements for just about everything promise that we can “be” better than we are now we will just buy this condo, dress, or pharmaceutical. The self-help books promise that we will be ever so much happier if we flip houses, manifest abundance, or conquer our fear and shame. Religions of all stripes say, or strongly imply, that we will be full of bliss if we come to their church or do their practice.

Why does almost everyone claim to be able to make our states of being better? Because it works. A very large majority of people want to be different, better hopefully, than they are now. Dissatisfaction with the present is widespread. So, if we all want to feel better and we are all provided with these myriads of opportunities to make our lives better, why aren’t we all happy as clams?

The answer is, of course, that if we want to “be” different we really have to do something different. And we usually have to do that something for a longish time to see meaningful changes. And that is a great deal like work. This means that really, none of the material offerings, clothes condos and pills, can provide the promised change in our state of being. Most self-help books deliver a great deal of how to instruction, while ignoring the current inner state of being of most people. It is not a lack of instruction, but that inner state that keeps people doing and being the way they have been in the past. The result is that very few people can do the how-to’s. And, there is a pretty good chance that successfully flipping houses won’t help us very much with how we feel inside.

Religions fall into two categories, those that only ask that you show up and put money in the collection plate, and those that ask you to do a practice every day for the rest of your life. Participation in the “show up for the collection” religions has been declining in most of the world. It does not appear to be offering people what they are looking for. Participation in the practice religions has always in small because of all the practice required.

And now, here I come, adding my voice to the chorus of those offering a nice, even a better, state of being, one that sounds much nicer than my current state of being. I find that state of being that I’ve described very attractive. It seems both different and better than how my life is now. So I think I should do something to move me from being how I am now to being like I think I can be. And since I think I should do something different, I think everyone else should do the same thing. After all what’s good for me is good for everyone – right??

All this thinking about being in doing has taught me a few things. I have learned from all my efforts at doing that the advice to “just be” is really doing something quite different from what most of us normally do. Holding our attention in the present with awareness and acceptance is pretty different for most of us. I also understand that “just being” is really a necessary first step in making any change. Sometimes it is the only step that is needed to make the desired change.

So being and doing are not mutually exclusive choices. “Just being” where you are is certainly a kind of doing, which does not diminish its value. It is a necessary beginning for all change. The bottom line, then, is buy that nice suit because you like the way you look when you wear it, but find your state of bliss in awareness of what you already are.


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