First Wholeness Video

These 4 files are video presentations of my Finding Wholeness ideas. They are a very first draft. They served to help me solidify my ideas. They also served to tell me what I need to do to make presentable videos.

Give them a look. I would appreciate any feedback you would like to share.




A look at the fragmented world view that helps make most of us fragmented

If fragmented is bad, then whole should be good. Here is a proposal for a whole world view to help make us all whole.


The world that we learn and carry around “in here” is the world we really live in. So we need to look at how the “in here” world works.

So, the “whole” world has a very appealing “out there” and a highly variable, often dark and scary, “in here”. The questin is, how do we live in this whole world? This is a
“live” talk, not a slide show, like the previous three presentations.


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