Needs, Or What Can I do For You?

What do you need? That’s a little general. What do you need that you don’t have now that would make your life better? That’s more specific, but often hard to answer. What I’m really interested in knowing, is What can I do for you? “What do you need?” It is such an innocent question. “I […]

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Acceptance and the Conscious Mind

I have been working on ideas around our inner feeling state and acceptance. As I stir these ideas around some interesting things float to the top. An interesting one that came up today was about the conscious mind. The conscious mind gets a bad rap. It is quite true that trying to do anything well […]

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The Problem of Feelings

The Inner World The outer, material world, the large-scale world, that is, is full of separate things. Different approaches to different kinds of problems are appropriate. A jack is great for changing a tire, but it it not helpful for hanging a picture. Andrew Weil, the famous advocate of alternative medicine, said, “If I’m in […]

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Feelings in the material world

As I think about how things work I see that many things don’t work the way I have always assumed. That means that many of the normal ways that I go about my life don’t work as well as they might. So I would like to explore some of those mechanisms and how they apply […]

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