Quantum Life

What if you were like God, but on a smaller scale?

What if the truth of that statement rested on careful, scientific evidence.

How would you live if you believed that was true?

And if it is true, why aren’t we all living like Gods?

How do Gods live, anyway?

Those are the questions we address in the study of Quantum Life. Does “being like God” sound uppity? Inflated? It’s not. Being “like God” does not make us special. It makes us normal. What is not normal, or at least not healthy or realistic, is the common belief that we are material beings struggling through a hostile, material world.

I invite you to learn and understand the science of being like God. See what is possible in a world where we are all connected, not as an esoteric concept, but as a hard reality.

Welcome to Quantum Life.

I am pleased to announce that I have a new book out. It is a continuation and extension of the work I started in  Life and Spirit.book cover front Here’s a link to a preview. You can buy the print and Kindle versions here.