A New Journal

“This journal is an elegant easy way to build or strengthen contact with the self below the surface. Straight-forward and full of insight, it is a wonderfully efficient tool for anyone willing to bring attention and care to themselves in the service of transformation. The journal process beautifully facilitates an invaluable daily practice.” -Bonnie Freestone, […]

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Where Am I Going?

When we do stuff, we like to think we know what we’re doing. At least I do. So after all the time I have spent doing what I have been doing for the last ten years or so, it was a mild surprise when I realized that I have not come up with a concise […]

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Who Am I?

The question, who am I, appears to be an important question. Knowing who we are seems like it should be important. If we don’t know who we are then how do we know what’s good for us and what’s not good for us? The question has received a lot of attention over time. There is […]

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Ode to Elizabeth Gilbert

“Help others” is old and very common advice for how to live your life. It’s a good thing to do in your personal life. It is also common advice how to run a business. It is a good and noble thing to do. There are, after all, so many people out there obviously in need […]

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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

I learn things by trying to explain them to others. Talking and writing things that others can understand is how I figure things out. This post is one of those learning experiences. I learned some things with this post. I hope that my readers will find something interesting in reading it. Let me know. What […]

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The Supposed To Problem

In a previous post I considered the difference between “being” and “doing”. I concluded that “being” in a way that is healing and constructive is really doing something quite different from what most of us do when we are “just being”. I confess to having a bias toward doing, specifically, doing to make things better, […]

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Feeling Good??

In my writing and thinking recently, I have determined that everybody, really, wants the same thing, and that is to feel good. But when I say that the main goal for our lives should be to feel good, it seems that is a provocative title. It’s provocative for a couple of reasons. One is that […]

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Being and Doing

  It is very conventional spiritual advice to suggest that being where and how you are right now is better than doing. You have everything you need now. The idea seems to be that being is good and doing, while it’s okay sometimes, is not the appropriate path to getting what you really want. I’ve […]

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The Big Theory

  As a certified head person, I like to figure things out. More than just figuring things out, it seems important to me to figure out things that account for a wide variety of phenomena. I strive to connect as many things as I can with the science and the mechanisms that I deal with. […]

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Needs, Or What Can I do For You?

What do you need? That’s a little general. What do you need that you don’t have now that would make your life better? That’s more specific, but often hard to answer. What I’m really interested in knowing, is What can I do for you? “What do you need?” It is such an innocent question. “I […]

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