Quantum Science, Life and Spirit

What if you knew that you were a force for good in the universe? What if you could like your life feeling good most of the time? What if you were really a force of nature? Would you do things differently?

If you’re like me, you could know all that and still have a hard time like any of it was true. Welcome to the paradox of seeking connection and love. It works like this.

Old spiritual wisdom tells us we are one with the universal spirit, and suffering comes from beliefs that we can change.

The new interpretations of science that I describe here tell us that we are all direct and continuous expressions of the universal consciousness (physics is close with the quantum field). We are all creative part of the universal consciousness.

There you have it. Whichever source of “truth” you prefer, you arrive at the same place: we are all integral parts of all that is. That’s the first part of the paradox.

You don’t have to look very far to see the other side of the paradox. Very few people live like they are intimately connected with the cosmos and connected in love. Most of us live in various degrees of suffering because we think we are isolated, material beings living in an isolated material world.

The reason we feel isolated, anxious and afraid (sometimes) is that we learned at least some of our formative lessons about reality in unresolved fear and trauma. Those lesson tell us that we are isolated and powerless against the fears and dangers that threaten us. Those lessons make up the realities where we each live our lives. Changing realities is not easy. That’s the other side of the paradox.

So, there it is. The basic fabric of the universe is connection that we call love. The basic nature of our personal realities is more or less learned in fear.

The first steps in our quest to move from realities of fear to realities of connection and love are awareness, understanding and acceptance. I would like to help with those steps. The next steps involve changing the rear-based parts of our realities. That’s harder, so I’ll leave that to therapists and the gurus in spirituality and self-help.

Welcome to the Quantum Life site Look around and help yourself to whatever looks good. Let me know if I can help.


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